The title was not originally the inspiration for this piece, but like many of my art projects, they seem to take over themselves.

guitar sketchFirst this was going to be a quick black-and-white sketch of someone playing a guitar, to give me some practice on my Wacom Tablet. Then it turned into a body study as well. I decided to leave out the chair and rotate it for a different perspective. Next I decided that a colored background would improve the aesthetic quality of the sketch greatly for minimal time spent: Bonus. I then thought, “Since this is Photoshop after all, why not make it an image instead of just color?” I grabbed a stock image from the net, rotated it to meet my light source and cropped it, and then I noticed my subject’s hair, amongst the clouds.

The color change was the next logical choice. My fifteen minute sketch turned into an hour and a half. There are still things I would like to fix about this pic, but thus is the nature of a perfectionist. Or an artist. Or both. I’m deciding to move on.


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