I’m discovering things as I go through this process. Number one, I love art. Number two, I don’t really have the dedication it takes for blogging. For instance, I have at least three pieces that have been done for a while that I just haven’t posted yet.

My friends and family have suggested to me that I expand my horizon, and deviate from my favored subject matter of monsters, but upon bearing this in mind, I learned something else; don’t put people in a box. You see, a week ago a little girl saw that I was about to draw a picture, and asked me if I would draw one for her. I told her yes, and heeding my family’s advice, asked her what she would like. She did not ask for a puppy, a kitten, flowers, a fairy, dolphins or horses. She asked for this:

Goblin 1And colored:

Goblin 2She liked it.


2 thoughts on “More Sharpie Art

  1. But this is funny– it’s a cartoon! 🙂 I like it too. Did you consider if it might be a deviation from your usual style of monsters? 🙂

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