I’ve been branching out from my normal type of art, and this month is a month of firsts for me. This is the first time I have used spray paint as a medium and not as a filler or accent tool. The pic below is about six feet square and took about three hours to complete. One thing I learned about spraypaint is that if you are painting on pressboard as opposed to brick or metal, it will eat up your paint in a hurry. I used up a whole can of each blue and black just painting the sky.

The main reason I did this painting was because it was a rare opportunity to graffiti a building legally, and I had never graffitied anything before. The flip-side to that coin is that it was a vacant building that was purchased privately and is scheduled to be burnt to the ground in a series of firefighter exercises. It was a fun exercise for me anyhow, and I have no issues with letting this trial-and-error piece go.

Sparty Graff

Another thing I have never really tried before is the art of optical illusion, and/or hiding images within a scene. When I got a request from a co-worker for just that, I deiced it was time to get my feet wet, to stretch my brain a little, and see what came out the other side. Just as I did earlier this month, I had fun again.

For some reason I always had the feeling that creating an illusion on paper from scratch would be to complicated for me to handle. I don’t know why I had ever thought this, and now that I’ve tried it I feel like it was fairly easy and I might try it again.


More art to come. Oh yeah.


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