This week, I decided to keep with the facial structure and blocks of shading over lines and details again. Behold:

This one was pretty challenging for me because I normally start out with a sketch and then shade, erase and move the outline, erase some more, etc. This is one of the few times I started with one color and blocked it out. Starting with light brown I blocked out the hair. Next I used white for the side of the face. Next came peach, then red, then dark brown, then blue, with black being used last. The only time I backtracked and re-used a color was when I put the white highlights into the eyes, hair, and beard, and when I used the peach and read for the wrinkles on the forehead. The whole process took about thirty minutes. I am kind of disappointed that the final piece isn’t as accurate as I had hoped for, but like I said, I didn’t use my typical pencil framework. Besides, there is always next time.

As for last weeks picture, I’m guessing I probably don’t have to say who this is…


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