Mess maker, mess maker, make me a mess…

The art is literally piling up around here, but I find myself too engrossed with the things going on in the real world to transfer my artistic mess to the web.

The Blarney StoneSo here is one of many thumbnails for a small home-town bar called the Blarney Stone. It was recently acquired by the friend of a friend and the new owner would like a logo, seeing as there currently isn’t one. For those of you who don’t know the Blarney Stone is a rock embedded into the wall on a the top floor of Blarney Castle in Ireland. More info here.

The objective was to get an Irish looking logo, with a cartoon man in it, without resorting to leprechauns or shamrocks. (The former of which was a central focus for an earlier draft of this particular logo.) Since we do, in point of fact, live in America, I am hesitant to use the Irish flag. Since this is a (somewhat biker) bar we are talking about, I’m not too sure I want to use a harp either. I chose to go with a slightly IRA type man wearing a skullie and a beater. I originally thought to just make it a man with red hair, but this would not translate well if the logo was used in a black and white format. The next option then I suppose, if this thumbnail is rejected, is to add Celtic knot-work to the already Celtic style “B”.


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