The dusty art pile continues to shrink, and the art I’m adding to the net continues to grow.

This was a conceptual cover for an art contest that I found out too late about. Paste magazine often puts out sampler CD’s, and Sampler 67 was going to be featuring Scandinavian artists. It just so happened that the Paste logo and Scandinavian flags shared the same colors.

Once again, I forgot to time-log, but I think this one may have taken a little less than 3 hours.

I also have been working on concepts for a bike shop that my brother is involved with:

The top and bottom are two separate concepts, the first one being incomplete only displaying four letters, and the bottom one complete, spelling “momentum”

Of course there would be copyright issues with this one…

Handle bars upside-down

Too busy…

Of these two, I like the first one better.

Same concept, two different ways to go about it. Lots and lots of hours on these.

And here is the wand that I made to take to the Harry Potter 7 Premier:

Total time to carve and paint: 20 minutes. The angle of the shot makes it look short, but it’s about a foot long. I dressed up as Seamus Finnigan, painting yellow stripes on an old red tie I already had. Seamus is Scottish, (and I will use any excuse to speak in my scottish accent) so I decided to do some Celtic knot-work on the handle. It was only after I got home that night that I thought to look up what Seamus’ wand looked like. Oh well, everyone loved it anyway.

Poor attempt at smoke in photoshop. Seamus was always blowing himself up…

Another poor attempt at photoshopping. I added a glow and motion blur to bill and ted to match me, but couldn’t get their lighting/levels to match mine. “It’s the circle K dude!”

Not much to say about this one, Detroit colors; blue and orange.

More art tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Taking a Little More Off the Top

  1. The piece with the momentum bike chain with the question, ‘What keeps you going?’ is really cool. I like how the ‘m’ from the last ‘momentum’ is the first for the next– it gives the feeling of continuing and motion very well. It’s cool!

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