How will my posts go this year? Will I spend more time writing, thus giving my “readers” something to read? While I could probably become a halfway-decent writer if I spent more time writing, I discovered last year that I don’t enjoy writing as much as I enjoy doing my artwork. However, writing and poetry are key ingredients to becoming a Renaissance Man(more on that later). Yet, this is a blog, and in addition to actually having written content, writing does sometimes help me work out some issues I’m having. I guess I will just have to continue to post and see how it goes.

Another thing I will have to work on is a better filing system for art on my computer. I am discovering ever more art scattered about my hard drive, both new and old. Here is a piece from November of last year:

A little info on this piece; it took forever. The piece is standard 28 x 22 inch poster board, and instead of filling it in with blocks of color, I decided to use a miniature design motif. I knew before I started that this would visually be pretty interesting, but did not seriously consider how long it would take me to do.

I knew it would take a while so, unlike other pieces, I remembered to keep a time log. Since this is March, and I drew this in November, I cannot find the time log. I’m know that the blue boarder by itself took me longer than five hours to do, and the drawing itself took many, many hours spread over several days. It was a learning experience.

Since I started this post I have rewritten most of my sentences more than once, and now that I have published it, I will probably go back and edit it again.


2 thoughts on “To Post Again

  1. I like how you made the wings transparent and one can see the wing in the back through the wing in the front. And the border was worth the time! 🙂 Did you intend the hair to be the focal point? It seems to stand out the most.

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