Other people might disagree, and say that faces are everywhere (which could be true) but I see two eye sockets and a nasal cavity more often than I see two eyes and a mouth in my day to day life. (And this is probably because three dots are more common than two dots and a line.)

Here’s an example where I saw a skull on my paint shirt (If you don’t see it right away keep reading):

Over the years my paint shirts have substituted for, and eventually took over the role of paint rag/cleaning towel. The almost symmetrical squares you see on my shirt come from holding the brush next to my shirt, reaching on the inside of my shirt with my free hand and and pinching the brush on either side with my shirt and squeezing the paint out/off the end of the brush. But I digress.

The eyes of the skull are blue 1 and 2, and the mouth (yes, I know there is no nose in this example) is purple 2. Seeing this, I decided to take a break from my current and rather lengthy art project and do a simple little one that would bring a little quick satisfaction.

I whipped out one of my smaller brushes, grabbed the white paint, and did this:

The whole thing is pretty small, about 1″ x 2″, and took me less than 5 minutes to do! I loved it.

Unfortunately, this is a paint shirt I still use, being not dirty enough to “retire”, and the skull will probably be spilled on or painted over. Maybe I’ll grab my scissors and cut him out…


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