This is a portrait I started a long time ago, and recently finished. This is Choronus, a dark elf who’s mixed heritage became apparent to his high elf parents when he was born. He was sent to live with some relatives in an underground city far from his birth place, and grew up there among the gnomes, dwarves, and wizards. His foster family was in a power struggle (Capulet and Montague style) was exiled from the city after getting caught assassinating many members of the other household. Sending him into the dark and unprotected caverns outside the city was the same as executing him, but then the council members wouldn’t have a young boy’s blood on their hands. Against all odds, the boy lived, and went on to have many exciting adventures, never knowing of his heritage or the prophecy about him…


2 thoughts on “Choronus, The Exile

  1. That’s a very interesting portrait to look at, Evan. Interesting to look at little details. What is the size? Did you frame it and hang it on your wall?

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