Art Happens

Many people have said that they see pictures in the clouds or that certain clouds might resemble something. This happens to me too, but it is not limited to clouds. I see images in everything, everywhere, all the time. In dirty napkins, rugs, rust spots, shadows, paint splotches, stains, spills… you get the idea. Case and point:

Last Friday, I was near a steel beam which had been painted yellow but was chipping and flaking due to wear. I noticed that the steel exposed by the paint chipping looked like a face. Though recently I had been working on my art around the clock, I had not recently exercised this part of my creative brain in some time. A compulsion quickly came over me to turn this resemblance into an image that anyone could recognize as a face.

I soon gave in, and began scratching away the paint with my thumbnail to add a cigarette but the paint too easily chipped away, leaving harsh and jagged lines. As this quickly became unsatisfactory to me, I soon found myself improvising an art tool. Looking around, I spied a stray paperclip, and used the sharp end of it to score the paint, and chip away the paint from in between these lines.

As this was a rather large steel beam and part of a permanent installation, and not something I was going to take home with me, I made my perfectionism submit to my sense of practicality, and quit the project soon after the image became recognizable, rough though it was;

I apologize for the quality of the photo; I did not have my camera on me, and used my phone instead.

Which leads me to my next post…


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