No matter how long I’m away, I always seem to come back to D&D. I’m a fan, a player, a DM, and most recently an artist for hire. My most recent work? Behold:

Image(This time it was Pro Bono.)

Is this young man surprised by what he sees due to his naivety?
Or is he giving someone the condescending stare-down, letting them know it’s time to either be silent or suffer the wrath of God?


2 thoughts on “More D&D Fun

  1. The fold in his shirt was unexpected, and because of it, I enjoyed seeing it. I also like the bulge/shadows created in its material by what he’s wearing on his thighs. But I think I’d like him to be a little less clean-shaven. 🙂 Seems like a pretty squeaky clean face, like he’s just come out of the bath tub, when it’s obvious he’s used some time dressing. Pencil? Charcoal?

  2. Pencil. Although the request was to give him a large/bulky frame due to genetics, he is also supposed to be in his teens. Given the fact that he is a fighter and a warrior for justice, his cloths and armor would have to show that he’s seen some action.

    I didn’t want to have his youth get lost among his apparent experience by adding scars and facial hair, so I gave him smooth skin, and filled out his cheeks to offset his well-worn/action look.

    I did try to make him appear tall, square out his jaw, and dishevel his hair to try and avoid him looking like a child. His facial structure was based on Zachary Ty Bryan.

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