Ahh, the characters of D&D! I’ve been working on some more, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

Proportions on the dwarf are wrong, I’ll be re-doing this one…

Cool guy on sand dune, the cloak will be complicated but fun.

This sketch was really bare-bones, and when I started doing “touch-ups” to clarify the image, I kind of got carried away… I love dragons!

Really cool character concept, but I think it will end up being more complex than is necessary. (P.S.: Astral Construct armor is munchkinism and if I were your DM I would make it as/more difficult than it was worth to make/keep! 😉 )

And some quick photoshop. Ranger image separate from wolf and background, added the longsword to his back.

Hope you all enjoyed!


One thought on “D&D Heros

  1. Very cool broman! Back in the day I used Photoshop and corel painter 10 along with wacom 4. This piece blows all my art off the charts! You definitely should consider concept art seeing you definitely have the skill. Do you have a deviant art account? Great way to commune with other artists! Great job once again!

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