I’ve always wanted to do a case mod for my computer… but I can easily put that on the back burner for now.

I recently completed a case mod for a friend of a friend, and it took much longer than expected. Unfortunately, I didn’t document the whole thing from start to finish, and my buddy assembled the hardware and gave it to his friend before I got pictures of the completed project. But, I did take a picture of the side panel (The coolest part of the mod in my opinion…) before I relinquished it:

And another one attempting to show the shine of Colossus’s skin:

These pictures were taken after painting was complete, but before the clear coat was added so that I didn’t have to deal with potential glare.

The whole surface of the side panel was sanded down to the bare metal, and buffed the underside of Colossus’s muscles with my dremel and some polish until I got a high sheen/reflective effect. Colossus was then masked off while the rest of the picture was painted.

After airbrushing the danger room and the digital sentinels, the mask was peeled off, and shadows were added to his skin to add dimension. Next, I took a toothpick and scraped contour lines into the shadows I had just made to add reflective highlights. I then outlined him in black, comic book style, and painted the contour lines across his arms and legs, following the lines I had scraped into his shadows.

As a finishing touch, I took my exacto knife and scraped thousands of tiny lines into his skin parallel to the black contour lines I had already made. (You can see this best on the outside of his shoulders and triceps.) This last part really brightened him up and made him shine. He looked even better as the light played across him when viewing him from different angles!


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