In regards to time, love, patience, and attention — a newborn baby takes the cake. Mine is now over three months old and she requires these things more often than when she was just a month old, albeit now at less random times. Of course, anyone who has had a kid knows this already…

This is an art blog (mostly), what does this have to do with art? Well, I’m glad you asked. Most art takes time. Whether it be fine details, an involved or laborious creation process, or sheer scale of the work or amount of materials, the vast majority of art — especially fine art — takes time to do. Of course, anyone who does fine art knows this already…

If everyone knows these things already, why write about them at all? I don’t know. Although my original predictions of my lack of sleep and of the attention required of me by my daughter were pretty close to what they actually are now, I failed to realize that the effects of these things are compounding. Not only that, but they are also cumulative. I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m tired, and I still haven’t quite adjusted yet.

On the flip side, I love my daughter to death, and would have her again in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She hasn’t scared me away from wanting more kids either. I still love and will continue to do my artwork, but it will have to drop to 5th on my priorities list, after God, my wife, my new daughter, and my “real” punch-in, punch-out job.

I will figure this out yet… although prayers for us are welcome and will be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “A Baby Takes the Cake

  1. Heavenly Father, please give Evan strength to accomplish what you ask him to do, and wisdom to know what that is. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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