More Practice

So, I've been doing my artwork off and on ever since my last post, with no real motivation to upload any of it online. I've started screen printing t-shirt (only boring flat pictures and text so far because multicolored shirts are expensive) and the process has been surprisingly easy. Not only that, but I've been … Continue reading More Practice


Comic Concept Sketches

I've been playing around with the Idea of writing a web comic. The main character would be a teenage knight/adventurer named Red. Here are some of the character ideas I have so far, Red is the one in the upper left with the cross on his helmet.

The Lion Roars

Quick sketch, probably took around 15 minutes. This was taken right out of my sketchbook, which is why you can see the spirals on the left and a piece of art from an earlier date, thumbnails for my family coat of arms. ROAR!